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stéphane Chaunard
Développeur Blockchain

Toulouse, FR

French Sr Blockchain Developer Engineer & Sculptor
52 ans
Toulouse, France (UTC+2)

=== SKILLS ===
++ In development, i
• Apply good OOP code practices
• Apply rigorous tests & security
• Team and remote work
• Lead technical project & team

++ In Blockchain development, i
• Write Solidity code for with Truffle
• Write Full unit tests coverage with
Mocha, Chai, Sinon
• Write code for DeFi, NFT 721 & 1155
• Deploy code to Ganache, Ethereum /
Polygon Testnets and Mainnet
• Knowledge of common security
vulnerabilities and infamous hacks
• Do integration with web3JS or ethersJS
• NodeJS / ReactJS & ExpressJS FullStack experience
• Scripts for deploying and
maintaining contracts
• pull on-chain data and send
• integrate Ethereum service providers
like Etherscan / Alchemy

++ Back development
• NodeJS, PHP / Symfony
• NoSQL & SQL w. complex SQL requests
• Docker
• Code Versioning with Git

++ Front development
ReactJS, Javascript, html, CSS,, tailwindcss &

++ Teaching: I have the ability to put in place the
tools and an educational environment for the
acquisition of concepts or to bring a person or
a group to achieve their objective, especially in
Solidity coding and web3 integration with
Node.js & React.js

++ Mathematics: Teaching up to undergraduate

++ Artistic: in sculpture and modeling

++ Languages
o French – native
o English – profesional
o Spanish – basic
o Portuguese – basic

++ From march 2022 – now: Freelance projects
CTHULHU VERSE PROJECT For a client, I develop all FRONT & BACK office and SOLIDITY smart contract to deploy it
on ETHEREUM MAINNET. Specific considerations about gas used for each operations have been applied due to
Smart Contract functionalities:
• ERC 721 with max supply of 10.000 tokens.
• With WHITELIST for 2 RANDOM PRE SALES – whitelist is record OUT chain, in a cloud No-SQL DB
and use ECDSA signature to check in the SC whitelisted addresses.
• A PUBLIC SALE to mint AND to EXCHANGE randomly common tokens (burned) with one SPECIAL.
• An OPEN SALE to mint token not randomly with choice of token id.
• Images are stored in app for shop and on IPFS for originals.
Front Office with homepage, mint page and SHOP to mint others
NFT and a Back office to interact with the SC, to manage members whitelist and roadmap
steps chosen by members. Both websites are realized with Node.js, React.js and Express.js for
server to interact with DB.
Test: full coverage of SC with unit tests.
Security: Use of Slither and Mythril to apply recommendations and build reports.
Scripts: I write some scripts for SC deployment and for website deployment on Heroku, to
generate signature for whitelisted members.

++ OTHERS PROJECTS : in DeFi, erc20 token with bridge from Ethereum mainnet to Polygon and NFT 721

++ From dec. 2021 – now : Participation in the Monopoly World project, your favorite board
game adapted into a gamified marketplace on the blockchain. In negotiation with Hasbro,
owner of the Monopoly brand.
Project description: Monopoly World is the first gamified marketplace that allows you to
acquire and collect NFTs in ‘play-to-earn’, on the theme of the world famous game
Monopoly. Play, buy NFTs, and boost your income generated on DeFi !

++ Development
From February 2019 to June 2021: Employee
of ( a Fiverr like) full remote as
PHP & Symfony back developer.
2018 – 2019 :
• end of 2018 to January 2019, a web application
under Symfony for a startup, an Airbnb like for
• during 2018: Carrying out various missions as a
web developer on Crèmedelacrè and
Other experiences
2012-2016 : Production of school support
videos in Mathematics for middle and
high school students
2006-2017 : Mathematics teacher (secondary
and higher). Private lessons up to
License level.
Replacements as a contractual mathematics
teacher for the National Education.

++ Sept. 2021 to January 2022 : Blockchain
Developer training at Alyra, the blockchain
school – Certificate :
• Solidity, Truffle, Ganache, unit tests,
• Design and production of dApps:
ReactJS & Web3 integration
• Blockchain expertise: ERC-20, NFT
tokens ERC 721 and 1155, stable coin,
Decentralized Finance.
• Technical project management
++ 2019 to June 2021: My position at 5euros is the
experience that trained me the most in the
profession of developer
++ 2012-2018: Self-taught, I took
SymfonyCasts/KnpUniversity courses in English
and SensioLabs/OpenClassrooms PHP/Symfony
developer training
1995-1996: I.U.F.M de Toulouse: Mathematics
teacher school.
1994-1995: Paul Sabatier University (UPS) –
Toulouse: Master’s degree in mathematics
1993-1994: Military service
1988-1993: UPS – Toulouse: Master’s degree in
Applied Physics EEA obtained with honors AB
1987-1988 : Baccalaureate C (MATH)

=== PASSIONS ===
Art, Sculpture : :
Ocean, Mountain, hike and climb.
Travels: long stay of 18 months in South America (Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil
where I stayed 8 months) and another 3 years in Martinique.


  • blockchain
  • Express.JS
  • Node.JS
  • react.js
  • solidity
  • unit tests
  • web3
  • Blockchain, Développeur Solidity
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