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Community manager

How to become a crypto community manager?

With the emergence of the internet, many professions and sectors of activity have emerged. Between social networks and others, influencers and community managers have found their bases and have remained there for quite some time. With the expansion of cryptos and the metaverse, many entities have entered this turbulent and ever-changing sector. So, to better spread the news and make the blockchain and its derivatives known, it is necessary to contact a community manager. Telegram, Discord, all means are good to talk about an exciting field such as cryptography. But first, you should already know what a crypto community manager is, what is his role and how to become one. Does all this pique your curiosity? You are right!

What is a crypto community manager?

The community manager in its classic definition, is a person responsible for managing communities. This can be done online or physically. However, the big trend remains the management of online communities. Thanks to the expansion of the Internet and the development of social networks, more and more people are joining a community according to the areas of predilection. Since the web is a very vast space, a community manager takes on its full importance. The latter is able to keep a 360° view of the activities of the community. Today with the arrival of the metaverse and cryptos, finding an expert to refocus the community around a common passion is becoming urgent. We are then witnessing the creation of the term crypto community manager. His main mission, as an expert, is to harmonize communication between the network of investors and clients. His skills go far beyond community engagement and moderation. Through crypto community management, you will have the opportunity to develop new strategies that can boost the performance of your blockchain organization. There’s nothing like a return on investment to motivate the troops. Fortunately, no technical skills are required if you want to become a community manager. No long expensive studies, no long hours of study. However, you will need to meet certain criteria and have certain skills if you want to progress in this field.
Community managers

Responsibilities and role of a crypto community manager

The work of the community manager is gaining more and more recognition over time. It is also recognized as a legitimate practice for almost all ICOs (initial coin offerings). It is a job of great importance when you understand how it works.

Indeed, apart from development, community management is a difficult task in terms of blockchain strategy. The crypto community manager allows you to collaborate with your members as well as with investors and suppliers.

In simpler terms, it facilitates exchange and communication in order to promote your services and better understand their preferences.

But he does not only do that, the community manager also has many other roles and responsibilities that he must assume. In particular:

  • The organization of video tutorials to help the community better understand the subject developed within the community.
  • Developing an influencer marketing strategy that serves to raise awareness of a product and encourage community members to adopt it.
  • Monitoring the community engagement
  • The creation and sharing of unique and engaging content on the various social networks concerned
  • Maintaining a healthy atmosphere within the community by collecting feedback and moderating member behavior

However, the biggest responsibility of the crypto community manager remains adaptation and variety depending on the platforms. Indeed, each one is different and has its own algorithms. Discord, Telegram or Vanilla, you have to create content adapted to each community platform.

How to become a crypto community manager?

Once you know what a crypto community manager is, a question arises: how to become a crypto community manager? If some people think that it is enough to know the definition and to get started, it is essential to know that there are conditions to obtain the job of community manager. To get started, you need:

Community manager telegram

1. Accumulate knowledge on the subject and know how to dispense it

As in any field, the best way to integrate is to learn and master the terms relating to the sector. So, to become a crypto community manager, it is better to have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain. Accumulating and having fundamental knowledge about cryptography will allow you to better discuss with the members of your community and provide them with effective solutions in the event of a problem or misunderstanding. This knowledge will also allow you to come up with new engagement ideas to build and strengthen your community. But above all, you have to know how to dispense what you know because if you know how cryptos work and you can’t explain it, you will lose credibility. As a crypto community manager, you will spend most of your time answering questions. Solutions must therefore be found to facilitate exchanges.

2. Develop your technical know-how

Community management also requires knowledge of many other concepts. By practicing your trade, you have the opportunity to gain experience in various fields, particularly in the functioning of industry and digital marketing. The basis of everything is work. Developing your technical know-how will allow you to better understand your community and excel in your area of ​​expertise. In addition, the crypto community manager job gives you the opportunity to identify your community and prepare your future actions according to its needs. With the evolution of the cryptocurrency market, crypto community management is expected to be one of the hottest jobs by 2023. So developing your skills now will allow you to be one of the best and one of the pioneers in a highly competitive field. Respect is earned! So, to be a good crypto community manager, you need to be credible in what you say and do. This is an important point if you want to convince investors, suppliers and members of your community to adopt your proposals and follow your advice.

3. Master and understand the responsibilities of a crypto community manager

We think the job of a community manager is to answer questions from Internet users, but he does much more than that. While that’s correct most of the time, the rest is spent strategizing with partners and admins. Mastering the responsibilities of community management prevents you from making some rookie mistakes and giving a bad image to both your employers and community members. To be effective in your work, you must first understand the area in which you wish to intervene. Since you want to become a crypto community manager, you need to know the basics of the crypto space and blockchain. Then ask yourself the right questions. For example, ask yourself how do you measure the growth of your community? Or, how to engage new members? The answer to these questions will help you know your current level. And if you can’t answer it, it’s time to start learning. In a cryptographic project, you are not expected to know everything you need to know. However, being motivated and attentive are assets to be developed. So think of yourself as a help desk or a conversation starter rather than a lesson giver. Remember that the best crypto communities are those that allow their members to flourish, to communicate transparently, and above all to learn. So bet on precise and fast interactions.

4. Get inspired by successful crypto communities and develop your own strategy

The best way to grow and do your own analysis of an area is to learn from others. Do you want to become a crypto community manager? Well start by making a list of your favorite crypto communities. Then follow them and see how they work. Analyze these communities and note their strengths, weaknesses and functioning. Determine what these different communities have in common and how they treat their members. But the essential question is to know what you want to do. Do you want to do exactly like them or on the contrary do the opposite? To help you in this process, you can consult companies with management strategies.effective ions. Then you can decide how to stand out in your community. Because there is no one form of standard crypto community, it is up to you to create a workspace that is friendly, welcoming, and conducive to growth. To do this, you must nurture the curiosity of all members. As your community grows, you need to revisit your engagement strategy to eliminate flaws and perfect it. To maintain a positive community experience, you need to be mindful regardless of your stage of development. Because of this, you need to identify and block scammers and spammers, answer questions about your ICO, roadmap and technology. But also, manage your ambassadors, eliminate trolls and ensure discussion moderation.

5. Determine the channels on which you want to share your content

If you still want to become a crypto community manager and you have followed all the steps mentioned above, you can start the next step. Creating content and sharing it is a good thing. However, there are channels where you can learn and grow.
  • Telegram: you can become a Telegram community manager because it is the pillar par excellence of crypto community management. However, this chain is much more used by speculators.
  • Discord: Becoming a Discord community manager requires knowing how this channel works. This is a very popular channel for developers, but it remains one of the most active.
  • Facebook: Useful platform for discussing and posting in crypto groups. However, it is forbidden to advertise cryptocurrencies.
  • Quora: This is a question-and-answer string that will allow you to voice your answers after identifying the questions.
  • Linkedin: is a platform popular with engaged and professional crypto users.
Apart from these channels, there are many others in this case, BitcoinTalk, Reddit or Twitter. You have to know how the different platforms work in order to adapt the content to their algorithms.

6. Looking for a crypto community manager job

When you have acquired all the useful notions to become a good community manager, all you have to do is look for a job as a crypto community manager. To perform at your best, you need to be passionate about what you do. Normally, you will get better results if you invest yourself personally. However, finding a job is far from easy. As in every field, we must redouble our efforts and not be discouraged. Becoming an NFT community manager requires many qualities, including perseverance. However, having a prospecting plan can be helpful. You can start your job search by visiting the various websites that deal with crypto projects. Identify community leaders and let them know you want to join their team. However, before any job search, be sure to read the white paper of the company you want to work for. The cryptocurrency sector is constantly evolving and with it, the activity of crypto community manager jobs. By 2023, crypto community management is expected to take on an unparalleled scale. Developing your knowledge now will give you the opportunity to dive into a sector that is still not very competitive at the moment. To last and stand out in your job, do not hesitate to take into consideration all the criteria that govern this area. Learning every day and creating a friendly space facilitates communication between the different members of the community and strengthens it. It’s up to you to find your development plan and your winning strategy.
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